Be-a-Great-Training-Partner-Classic-Fight-TeamTraining partners play a big role in your martial arts training. And not only do you want to get matched up with a good partner, but you also want to make sure that you’re a great partner for others.

Here are a few ways to be a great martial arts training partner:

1. Personal Hygiene

One of the ways to make sure you’re a good training partner is to address personal hygiene. Always show up clean and odor-free, and make sure your uniform or training gear is as well. At the same time, keep your trimmed and cover any cuts or scrapes before stepping onto the mats. It’s also a good idea to wash your gear right after training. And never show up to class if you’re feeling sick.

2. Attention and Focus

While it’s great to show up to train consistently, you need to be ready to pay attention and focus on getting the most out of your training. Your level of attention doesn’t just affect your training; it also impacts your training partners. Listen to your instructor and keep up with what’s happening in class. Then, when it’s time to practice a technique or skill with a partner, you’ll be able to jump right in without wasting time getting caught up.

3. Safety and Effectiveness

Being a good training partner comes from being respectful and understanding that safety is always the top priority. During class, find a level of intensity that will help you learn while keeping you and others safe. This means training at a minimum level of effort to elicit a good training response without letting ego, emotions, or negative thoughts get in the way. Always communicate with your partner and honor the intensity they ask for.

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