Bodyweight-Strength-Training-Workouts-Classic-Fight-TeamAt first, it might seem like bodyweight strength training results in easier or less intense workouts. But bodyweight strength training is an effective way to build strength and has a lot of benefits.

Here are five benefits of bodyweight strength training workouts:

1. Convenient

Bodyweight strength training exercises require minimal or zero equipment, making them convenient to do anywhere. You can do bodyweight movements like pushups, squats, lunges, sit-ups, etc., at home or outside. It’s an easy, simple, and accessible way to build strength and fitness for martial arts.

2. Functional Movements

Most bodyweight exercises are functional movements that involve more than a single muscle group. Rather than an isolated movement, like a biceps curl, these functional exercises focus on functional movements like pushing, pulling, squatting, and jumping. Recruiting multiple muscle groups at once makes bodyweight exercises more like the movements you perform in martial arts, as well as in your daily life.

3. Less Injury Risk

Bodyweight training poses less risk for injury compared to heavy weightlifting. Before a bodyweight workout, take the time to warm-up and make sure that you’re using proper form for each movement.

4. Body Awareness

Another benefit of bodyweight training is that it helps you develop better body awareness. As you build stability, balance, and control, your body awareness and how well you’re able to move becomes more developed. This skill can then transfer to your martial arts training on the mats.

5. Variety

Bodyweight training creates the opportunity to add variety to your training program. You can modify each bodyweight exercise to suit your current fitness level and vary how the exercise itself is performed. Bodyweight exercises include dynamic and heart rate elevating exercises like running, hanging, pulling, pushing, lunging, skipping, jumping, and sprinting. Strength training movements include options such as pushups, handstands, climbing, pull-ups, rows, and more.

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