A male MMA athlete wraps his hands before trainingWhen training martial arts, you have a choice of attending either group classes, private training, or both. Group classes and private training have different advantages to offer. And it’s dependent on your goals and personal preference which one is the best option for you and your martial arts practice.

Here are a few benefits of private martial arts training:

1. Overcome Intimidation

In a martial arts class, you have a supportive group to learn with and to learn from. However, if you are intimidated and struggle with even stepping foot in a martial arts school, private training may be helpful. Working one-on-one with an experienced instructor, even for a single session, may be what you need to conquer your anxiety and sign up for group classes.

2. Achieve Challenging Goals

Goals should be challenging but realistic. If you find yourself with an ambitious goal and you’re not sure how to achieve it, private training may be your solution. Working closely with an instructor means that you have someone who can adapt and tailor your training to your specific goal. Each individual training session is set up to maximize results and improve your chances for success.

3. Post-Injury Training

If you’re returning to your martial arts practice after recovering from a recent injury, private training can help with ramping back up. For example, there might be specific movements that you need to avoid. In private training, an instructor can help design your training around the movements that are still off-limits. You’ll also have someone there to keep you from jumping right into wherever you left off. And, this individual attention can prevent you from potentially reinjuring yourself.

4. Take Your Training to the Next Level

Training plateaus where you feel stuck or like you’re not making any progress are frustrating. Private training sessions can get you out of these ruts and motivate you to find a training or fitness level that you didn’t know you had. In private training, an instructor will challenge your personal strengths and weaknesses.

At Classic Fight Team in Fountain Valley, we believe that martial arts can truly better the mind and body of anyone willing to participate. To learn more about the programs we’re currently offering, contact us today.