A man does yoga to supplement his martial arts practiceYoga has a lot to offer and is a great supplement to your weekly workouts. And it’s something that you can easily do from anywhere.

Here are a few reasons to consider adding yoga to your martial arts routine:

1. Stronger mind-body connection.

When it comes to working out, it’s easy to pay attention to all physical benefits. But there are many mental benefits as well. By adding a yoga class to your training routine, you’re strengthening your mind-body connection. Building this connection through yoga will then transfer to your other workouts. As a result, you’ll become more aware of how your body is moving and improve the quality of your training.

2. Increase your flexibility.

Many people assume that because they can’t touch their toes, yoga will never be for them. No rule says you must touch your toes to practice yoga. In fact, yoga is a great way to improve your flexibility. Improving your range of motion throughout your body will lead to more effective workouts. You’ll be able to move better on your mat and in the gym.

3. Improve your posture.

Just reading the word “posture” might make you sit up straighter. Moving with poor posture and a weak core increases your chances of getting injured, but yoga addresses both of these factors. Yoga is a great way to improve your posture by strengthening your back and core and positively impacts your training and daily life.

4. Get some active recovery.

If you’ve ever woken up sore from your workout the day before, the last thing you probably want to do is move some more. However, getting in some active light recovery where you gently move your body can help lessen soreness. Yoga is an excellent option for active recovery. Just stick to restorative yoga styles focused on moving and lengthening your muscles.

5. Improve your balance.

When you’re new to yoga, trying to stand on one foot while wobbling and trying not to fall over can be so frustrating that it keeps you from ever stepping foot on your yoga mat again. However, if you stick with it, yoga will improve your balance. As a result, you’ll become more stable and better balanced in your training and reduce your risk of injury.

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