Create-a-Long-Term-Training-Habit-Classic-Fight-TeamWhen it comes to building a long-term training or workout habit, you might be ambitious with your goal but lack the experience to succeed. So, here are six ways to help you create a long-term training habit:

1. Find a Workout You Enjoy.

If you intend to do any activity for a long time, then it needs to be enjoyable. Because your goal is to create a long-term workout habit, find something that you enjoy. If you’re not enjoying your current workout routine, then it’s time to make a change. Find something else that’s fun, and you’re more likely to stick with it.

2. Understand Your Purpose.

Why is a workout habit important to you? Understanding the purpose of building this habit can help you increase motivation and be more consistent with your training. Having a clear understanding of why you set your alarm for that early morning martial arts class can help you choose your workout over the snooze button.

3. Set SMART Goals.

Goals like “get fit” or “lose weight” might get you headed in the right direction, but you may not achieve the results you really want. To create a long-term habit, redefine your goals, and turn them into SMART goals. A goal like “get fit” becomes, “For the next three months, I will train Jiu-Jitsu three days a week.”

4. Create Smaller Goals.

Once you’ve defined a long-term SMART goal, create smaller goals that you can use as checkpoints along the way. A goal that’s too far in the future may seem impossible to achieve. The mini doses of success that you get from short-term objectives will help fuel your drive to keep working toward the bigger goal.

5. Record Your Progress.

To hold yourself accountable to your goals and workout habit, record your progress. Start by writing down your goals, and then keep track of your training in a log or journal. Recording your progress gives you some way to visualize how far you’ve come. It’s also a great source of motivation to keep going.

6. Plan for Setbacks.

Even the most consistent workout habit isn’t immune to obstacles and setbacks. No matter how well you plan your week, something that’s beyond your control can disrupt everything. Because you can’t prevent all setbacks, the best line of defense is to make a plan for how you’ll manage them. For example, if you’re called out of town unexpectedly, plan on training or attending a class once you’re back in town.

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