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Discipline and Motivation in Martial Arts Training

//Discipline and Motivation in Martial Arts Training

Discipline and Motivation in Martial Arts Training

Discipline-and-Motivation-in-Martial-Arts-Training-Classic-Fight-TeamSelf-discipline and motivation both play a role in a long-term martial arts practice. But is it better to focus on improving self-discipline or increasing motivation? Is one better than the other?

First, let’s look at the differences between discipline and motivation.


Discipline is how well you can control your actions and stick to what you think is worth pursuing. On days you don’t feel like training, your level of discipline can be the deciding factor that gets you to show up anyway.


Motivation is that energetic, excited feeling you get when working toward a goal. It’s the driving force behind your actions.

In building a habit, like a martial arts practice, both discipline and motivation have a place in the process. Motivation tends to be more glamorous compared to discipline. If motivation is like a cheerleader, self-discipline is more like a drill sergeant. Motivation might be what gets you started. But discipline can be what keeps you going long-term.

If you think that you could use some work in developing more self-discipline, it’s possible. Discipline is a skill, which means you can teach yourself how to become more disciplined.

Here are a few suggestions on becoming more disciplined while staying motivated in your martial arts training:

1. Small Steps

When you’re in the early stages of creating a habit or learning a new skill, keep things small and manageable. Swap, “I’m going to train every single day for the next month!” with something sustainable and more realistic. Taking smaller steps now will help you develop discipline and stick with your routine.

2. Individual Process

When it comes to developing self-discipline, there are no magic formulas. A single “right way” to build this skill doesn’t exist. So rather than copying someone else’s routine, think about your unique needs. What’s going to work best for you?

3. Dip in Motivation

Remember that motivation is kind of like a cheerleader. And probably, one morning, you’ll wake up, and it’ll feel like your motivation is gone. The cheerleader will disappear, and you won’t feel like training. If you feel unmotivated, you’re not alone. Just do what you can to listen to the drill sergeant and stick to your training plan.

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