Manage-Self-Doubt-in-Martial-Arts-Classic-Fight-TeamBoth beginner and experienced martial arts practitioners experience doubt, fear, and anxiety in their training. Like many lifelong pursuits, you’ll experience both ups, downs, and plateaus in your practice.

If you find yourself questioning what you’re even doing on the mats, here are a few suggestions on how to manage feelings of self-doubt in your martial arts training:

Talk through your thoughts and questions.

If you’re stuck on specific thoughts that make you doubt your skills, talking to someone about what you’re thinking might be helpful. Rather than dwelling on doubt, share what’s going on with someone who’s been there, too. It might be a trusted training partner or an instructor.

Reflect on past experiences.

Have you ever gone through a similar experience where you question your training? If so, how did you manage it and get past it? Use your past experience to help you get past your current feelings of doubt. If doubt is a new thing that’s just popped up in your training, try to think of a similar situation outside of martial arts. How did you manage your self-doubt then?

Focus on personal improvement.

Sometimes doubt creeps into your mind when you start comparing where you are to others. Rather than comparing your journey to someone else’s, focus on your own personal improvement. Acknowledge even minor improvements or wins and look for specific ways to continue to make progress moving forward. If you’re worried that you’ll fail or make a mistake, remember that failure is part of the process. Try to be more willing to mess up, and you’ll take some unnecessary pressure off your shoulders.

Revisit your goals.

When was the last time you checked in with your martial arts goals? If it’s been a while, you might find that you’re no longer chasing a goal that’s relevant or realistic. Make sure that your goals are challenging but still within reach. If it turns out you’re overreaching, then the anxiety and questions around your ability might be the source of your doubtful thoughts. Readjust your goals to reset expectations, as well as your mindset.

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