A young male kickboxing student wearing kickboxing glovesKids, adults, and families alike can practice martial arts at any stage of life. And some students choose to continue throughout their lives. Your martial arts goals or reasons for participating or competing might change over time, and that’s okay!

What is it about martial arts that encourages students to start early and stick with it long-term or into adulthood?

Getting Kids Started Early

At Classic Fight Team, kids can start training in our Kickboxing classes. This gets kids interested early and introduces them to all of the things there is to enjoy about martial arts. Starting early also gives kids a chance to make friends outside of school. If they meet and make friends with other martial arts students, they are more likely to stick with this activity, as well.

Practice with a Diverse Group

Participating in martial arts gives kids the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people. While you’ll share something in common with your fellow students, you also practice with kids from various backgrounds. When you regularly attend your school’s martial arts classes, you get to know the people you’re practicing with. Community events also begin to spur friendships outside of class and help you expand your social network. Meet people from different backgrounds and learn more about the world around you!

Long-Term Learning

Students have the potential to practice martial arts for decades, and the learning never stops. The path to becoming a black belt takes years to achieve, but if you’re open to the process, you’ll continue learning and growing for as long as you choose to practice.

Contact us at Classic Fight Team in Fountain Valley today to learn more about starting your martial arts journey. We can show you how a long-term martial arts routine is the right choice for you.