A man recovers from martial arts training by stretching on a yoga matIf you have a regular training routine and notice that your progress has slowed or seemingly stopped altogether, you may be missing an important part of your training.

Recovery is often overlooked as part of a balanced approach to martial arts fitness and performance. Without allowing time for the body to integrate the work you’ve done, the results you’re looking for can be diminished or lost entirely. Sleep and rest days could be the simplest steps you’re missing in getting to the next level.

Here is why recovery and sleep are such an important part of your martial arts training.

Take Time to Recover

Most people look at training or working out as an all-or-nothing endeavor. Daily workouts that test your limits feel like the fast track to getting where you want to go. But without time for recuperation, that hard work can be much like spinning the wheels of your car in the mud.

A lot of effort goes to waste, and the forward movement you are looking for taxes your body and pulls you deeper into being stuck. Rest days are the difference between the body converting your effort into progress and just going through the motions.

Go to Sleep

Your body wants a regular sleep pattern, yet it is still one of the hardest things for most of us to do. Regular sleep can feel nearly impossible between work, school, family responsibilities, and just wanting a little time to be awake and do what we want. That’s why prioritizing quality sleep is the only way to regulate it. View sleep as part of your job for maximum results on the mats and during your day. It’s what you have to do.

Staying up late to watch your favorite show or scroll your social media feed makes sleep seem like a less desirable option. People typically choose to add time to their waking day instead of seeing the value in turning the switch off for the brain and body. Get the results you want by getting the sleep you need!

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