Types-of-Endurance-for-Your-Martial-Arts-Training-Classic-Fight-TeamWhen it comes to building endurance for martial arts, it can be helpful to look at different types of endurance, such as:

  • General Endurance
  • Specific Endurance
  • and Mental Endurance

Let’s break down these three types of endurance in terms of your martial arts training:

1. General Endurance

Generally speaking, endurance is a physical skill that plays an essential role in our overall health and fitness. Along with strength, balance, and flexibility, endurance helps us carry out the activities of our daily lives, including the time we spend on the mats.

You can build general endurance by heading out for a run, a bike ride, or even a swim. These types of activities develop a healthy level of endurance and can help you in your martial arts training. But to build stamina for martial arts, you’ll need to focus on specific endurance training, as well.

2. Specific Endurance

Another way to look at endurance and martial arts is the specific physical endurance you need to outlast an opponent, make it through a class feeling good, or make it to the end of a competition without gassing out.

To make your endurance training more specific to martial arts, it’s helpful to vary the intensity of your workouts. Martial arts falls in a range of intensity levels, so it’s important to train the range of intensities. This training might look like high-intensity interval training with periods of rest in between.

3. Mental Endurance

In addition to physical endurance, mental toughness and endurance affects your success in martial arts training and competition. Finding new ways to challenge your mind and mental endurance will help you become more resilient.

It’s not easy to stay focused when your body gets tired. But training through similar scenarios will strengthen your body and your mind. With practice, you’ll find that you’re able to withstand intense physical workouts while staying in control of your thoughts and emotions.

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