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September 2020

Will Goal Setting Really Make a Difference?


Does goal setting really make a difference? Yes, taking time to set personal martial arts goals does make a difference in your training and your journey. Here are a few reasons why: 1. Directs Your Focus Goal setting directs your focus for what you hope to achieve in the future. If you never narrow your [...]

Will Goal Setting Really Make a Difference?2020-09-22T07:55:15+00:00

4 Ways that You Gain Self-Confidence through Jiu-Jitsu


If you’ve been training Jiu-Jitsu for a while, think back to the first time you stepped foot onto the mats. Compare the confidence you feel now to that first day. Chances are that the belief you have in yourself now is much greater than where it was when you first started. On the other hand, [...]

4 Ways that You Gain Self-Confidence through Jiu-Jitsu2020-09-15T11:10:51+00:00

How Martial Arts Helps You Make Better Decisions


The ability to make good decisions isn’t typically something that we’re taught explicitly how to do. It tends to be something that we figure out through trial and error. However, certain activities, like martial arts, can help you get better with the decision-making process. Here are a few of the ways that your martial arts [...]

How Martial Arts Helps You Make Better Decisions2020-09-04T14:08:07+00:00

August 2020

3 Ways Martial Arts Develops Mental Toughness


Your martial arts training includes many physical benefits, like improved fitness and self-defense skills. But your practice also leads to improvements in your mental toughness. When you're mentally tough, you're more able to face challenges and solve problems you encounter in any situation - martial arts or daily life. Developing this skill also helps you [...]

3 Ways Martial Arts Develops Mental Toughness2020-08-28T10:28:05+00:00

3 Tips for Consistent Martial Arts Training


No matter if your martial arts goals are to learn something new, learn self-defense, get in better shape, or get to a competitive level, consistency plays a big role. And when you have martial arts goals like these, inconsistent training can make success difficult to achieve. Inconsistent training can sometimes make each class feel like [...]

3 Tips for Consistent Martial Arts Training2020-08-20T10:22:59+00:00

5 Reasons Why Kickboxing is Great for Kids


If you’re looking for a fun sports activity for your kids, kickboxing is a great option. It’s a fast-paced, engaging activity with a lot of benefits for kids. Here are a few reasons why kickboxing is great for kids: 1. Learn Fundamental Skills Whether your child has experience with martial arts or is new [...]

5 Reasons Why Kickboxing is Great for Kids2020-08-13T10:14:11+00:00

8 Training Tips for Muay Thai Beginners


Even without any previous training, you can start Muay Thai at any level of experience or fitness. And because Muay Thai is known as the “art of eight limbs,” here are eight training tips for Muay Thai beginners: 1. Don’t expect to get good overnight. Muay Thai isn’t meant to be learned quickly. There is [...]

8 Training Tips for Muay Thai Beginners2020-08-05T14:23:33+00:00

July 2020

3 Tips to Reach Your Martial Arts Goals


It's very likely that your current martial arts goals are different from what you had planned at the beginning of the year. And although you may not train or compete as you had intended, that doesn't mean that you have to give up your goals altogether. Whether you've made some changes to your goals or [...]

3 Tips to Reach Your Martial Arts Goals2020-07-30T12:25:24+00:00

3 Valuable Lessons Learned from MMA


MMA isn’t always about your training, your fights, or your competition. Sometimes it’s about the things you learn from your training that are useful in other areas of life. Lessons that go beyond physical strength that lead to mental toughness, discipline, and growth. Here are just a few of the valuable lessons learned from MMA: [...]

3 Valuable Lessons Learned from MMA2020-07-22T10:48:42+00:00

4 Elements of an Effective Cool Down


We’ve previously discussed the importance of warming-up before starting a training session. Equally as important is taking the time to cool down after a workout. You can look at a cool down as the polar opposite of a warm-up. While a warm-up’s purpose is to increase blood flow, elevate your heart rate, and raise your [...]

4 Elements of an Effective Cool Down2020-07-14T09:46:58+00:00