Martial arts athlete in boxing gloves performs punching technique while looking forward during trainingMindfulness is all about being aware of what you’re doing in the present moment. So, what does a mindful workout look like?

A mindful workout directs your focus inward so that you let go of distractions and pay attention to your breath and body movements. By directing all your attention to your workout, then it becomes more effective.

Mindful workouts also lead to:

  • A stronger mind-body connection
  • Less boredom and more intention behind the time you spend working out
  • More satisfaction in knowing you gave it everything you have
  • Less burnout and more motivation
  • Better results and goal accomplishment

Here are three ways you can be more mindful during your workouts:

1. Focus on your breathing.

What do you do when your mind starts to wander during a workout? One way to stay on target and in the moment is to focus on your breathing instead of thinking about your to-do list.

2. Set an intention or remember the why behind your goals.

Before you begin your workout, set an intention, or choose something to focus on for the next hour. Then, keep coming back to this intention throughout your workout. When setting your intention, it’s helpful to think about the why behind your goals. For example, why is it important to you that you showed up and worked out today?

3. Pay attention to your form.

Another way to stay present during your workouts is to pay attention to your form. Rather than going through the motions, focus on using good technique for every single movement.

Bringing more mindfulness to your workouts is good for your physical and mental health. Becoming more mindful during your workouts is good practice for other areas of your life, as well. The more you practice these skills, the more benefits you’ll see in your everyday life.

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