No matter if your martial arts goals are to learn something new, learn self-defense, get in better shape, or get to a competitive level, consistency plays a big role. And when you have martial arts goals like these, inconsistent training can make success difficult to achieve.

Inconsistent training can sometimes make each class feel like the first day of class. And if you’re always starting over, it’s difficult to improve. But when you make consistency your objective, you’ll build on what you’ve learned and make progress.


Here are few tips for how to create a consistent martial arts training routine:

1. Clearly define your martial arts goals.

Clearly defined goals are one way to encourage a consistent martial arts practice. Instead of “wanting to get martial arts,” clear and specific goals give you a sense of purpose and direction in your training. You know exactly what you’re going to work on or focus on every time you show up to train.

2. Recover properly between training sessions.

One factor that can affect the consistency of your training is recovery. If you’re not recovering well between your training sessions, you might be on the way to overtraining and injury. Make an effort to drink plenty of water, eat good food, and get plenty of sleep after a hard bout of training. Your body will be more ready for your next training session, and you’ll be able to maintain that momentum going forward.

3. Identify why training is important to you.

Understanding why training is important to you can also help you stay consistent. Rather than showing up and going through the motions, understanding the purpose behind why it’s important that you continue to show up can be a huge motivating factor.

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