Will-Goal-Setting-Really-Make-a-Difference-Classic-Fight-TeamDoes goal setting really make a difference? Yes, taking time to set personal martial arts goals does make a difference in your training and your journey. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Directs Your Focus

Goal setting directs your focus for what you hope to achieve in the future. If you never narrow your focus, then you might not ever get to where you’d like to be with your martial arts practice. Rather than tackling all the improvements you want to make to your training at the same time, you decide on the one or two things that you want to focus on next. Goals direct action and prevent feelings of being overwhelmed or discouraged.

2. Defines Your Purpose

Goals are motivating, and part of that motivation comes from defining the purpose behind your goals. Your purpose should answer the question, “Why?” Why do you want to achieve a particular goal? What’s the meaning behind it? Why is it important to you? Making sure that this purpose is clear increases your chances of success with your personal martial arts goals.

3. Identifies Obstacles

Martial arts goals not only direct your focus, but they also help you identify obstacles that could stand in the way of your success. Once you know where you’re headed, think about the barriers that could prevent you from achieving your goal. Then make a plan for how you’re going to deal with these obstacles. Suppose you know how you plan to deal with a challenge before you encounter it. In this case, you’ll be more likely to get past an obstacle and continue making progress toward your goals.

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