A young martial arts student's silhouette at sunset with raised armsNot only does martial arts improve your kids’ physical health and fitness, but it also offers many other benefits. One of these cognitive benefits is the development of self-discipline.

By building self-discipline through martial arts, kids practice finishing what they’ve started and then apply this skill to other areas of their lives.

Here are a few ways that kids build self-discipline through martial arts:

1. Consistent Practice

Martial arts is one of many physical activities where kids can have fun while being active. For kids who take a particular interest in martial arts, it’s an activity that they can choose to pursue for several years. Some kids may want to compete in martial arts; others may not. Either way, to make continued progress in martial arts requires consistent practice. Even if you learn a new skill, the practice doesn’t stop, and committing to persistent practice is one way kids develop discipline.

2. Planned Approach

In addition to consistent practice, the approach that young students take to reaching a long-term goal builds discipline and increases their chances for success. Setting goals is an excellent way to create drive, motivation, and discipline. But at the same time, kids must understand that there is a planned and systematic approach to achieving their goals. In this planned approach, there are no skipping steps. Being patient helps kids avoid jumping ahead to the next level of their journey. No matter how excited they might be to reach a certain level or master a specific skill, discipline is required to focus on the preliminary steps.

3. Following Rules

A martial arts class is a structured environment that encourages students to learn. To maintain structure, children must recognize and follow the rules set forth by their instructors. Following directions and paying attention are essential traits of self-disciplined students. Rather than disrespecting your instructors, fellow athletes, and the class environment, kids must remain in control of their actions and adhere to all rules and regulations.

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