Martial-Arts-Bully-Prevention-Tools-Classic-Fight-TeamThrough martial arts, kids benefit from things like improving their physical health and learning self-defense skills. At the same time, they also learn valuable life skills that build character. It’s in these life skills that kids learn how to prevent a potential encounter with a bully.

Rather than promoting the use of violence when dealing with a threat, like a bully, most martial arts schools teach kids to diffuse a situation and remain in control of their actions and emotions.

Here are three bully prevention tools kids learn in martial arts:

1. Respect

In a martial arts class, students are expected to respect their instructor as well as their fellow students. Showing mutual respect on the mats is a lesson that a student then carries over into everyday life. Treating others with respect can often reduce the chance of a kid getting bullied.

2. Self-Confidence

One of the best tools a child can use to prevent an encounter with a bully is self-confidence. A child can make themselves less of a target and avoid a confrontation with a bully with confident body language.

Martial arts teaches kids to stand tall and make eye contact with others. When you stand confidently, it helps you speak confidently too. Kids with a confident stance and voice are more likely to stand up for themselves.

3. Mental Skills

Martial arts training promotes the development of mental skills. To continuously progress in martial arts, kids learn to value commitment and discipline. They become patient and develop a strong sense of control and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

These mental skills are useful if a bully confronts a child. The ability to remain calm and in control may be the best way out of a threatening situation.

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