two Jiu-Jitsu students grappling on the matsStarting a new activity like martial arts can feel awesome. It’s exciting to try new movements, learn new skills, and meet new people. And you might find yourself on your way to achieving, possibly exceeding, your goals.

But then, you wake up one morning and find that you’re not feeling all that motivated to train. So, you start finding reasons to skip a class or workout. Or you show up, only to end up feeling bored and not really engaged with the class.

If you’re not motivated to continue your routine, ask yourself why. Have you been training every day without taking a day off? Maybe you’ve just been going through the motions? Or you no longer see the results that you used to.

If you’re feeling physically and mentally burned out, it’s possible to turn things around. Here are three ways to overcome feeling bored or burned out:

Find New Challenges.

One of the causes of feeling bored or burned out is a lack of variety with your current routine. Finding a way to introduce something new into your workouts can restore feelings of fun and motivation. You could focus on learning a new skill. The goal is to find new things to tackle or try and get back to challenging yourself to meet your goals.

Take a More Flexible Approach.

Creating a training schedule or routine for the week is a great way to hold yourself accountable. However, it’s important to stay disciplined while maintaining some flexibility in your plan. An approach that’s too rigid may lead to burnout or abandoning your training altogether. For example, suppose you plan to train on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening. What happens if you get stuck in traffic on Wednesday afternoon? If you are flexible, then you’re likely to find a plan B. By leaving room for life to happen, you avoid feeling burned out and continue making forward progress.

Make Time for Rest and Recovery.

When you train hard at a high intensity without allowing time for rest and recovery, your body will hit a limit. If you don’t take rest days, the lack of recovery will begin to affect your mind. Burnout happens physically and mentally. But prioritizing rest and recovery can help prevent the strain of physical and mental fatigue.

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