Training-Tips-for-Muay-Thai-Beginners-Classic-Fight-TeamEven without any previous training, you can start Muay Thai at any level of experience or fitness. And because Muay Thai is known as the “art of eight limbs,” here are eight training tips for Muay Thai beginners:

1. Don’t expect to get good overnight.

Muay Thai isn’t meant to be learned quickly. There is a lot to learn, and at the beginning, it can feel overwhelming. If you don’t think you’re “getting it” right away, be patient.

2. Some things will feel awkward.

If you’re new to any martial arts style, moving in new and different ways will feel awkward. You might get sore or not feel as coordinated as everyone else looks. Again, give it time.

3. Drill the basics.

In training Muay Thai, it helps to have a solid foundation of basic skills. To get these skills down, drill them over and over. It may not be the most exciting part of your training, but it will lead to significant payoffs later on.

4. If you have questions, ask them.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If something isn’t making sense or you’re not sure if you’re doing something right, ask for help.

5. Aim for consistency.

Like many other martial arts styles, it’s hard to get good or improve at Muay Thai when you’re inconsistent. Going to class once a week or a few classes here and there makes it hard to improve. Aim for consistency in your training.

6. Recover well between training sessions.

Take the time between training sessions to recover properly and take care of your body. Drink plenty of water and eat good nutritious meals. Try to get a quality night of sleep so that your body can repair itself and prepare you for your next class.

7. Show respect.

Muay Thai maintains an environment of respect and support. Do your best to be polite and willing to help others.

8. Be open to feedback.

Feedback is how you get better. Don’t treat feedback as criticism. Rather, it’s helpful suggestions on how you can improve your skills so that you continue to make progress.

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