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3 Reasons Martial Arts is Great for Coordination

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3 Reasons Martial Arts is Great for Coordination

Martial-Arts-is-Great-for-Coordination-Classic-Fight-TeamCoordination is a physical skill that involves the synchronization of body movements. The more coordinated you are, the more efficiently you’re able to move.

At first, it may not seem like coordination is an essential physical skill, especially when compared to endurance or strength. But coordination is beneficial in our daily lives. Poor coordination can make you feel clumsy and even less confident.

Improving coordination helps you better understand how your body moves and functions. And becoming more aware of your movements enhances the connection between your brain and your body.

Here are three reasons why martial arts is great for improving coordination:

1. Repetition of Movement

One reason martial arts is great for improving coordination is the repetition of skills and movements. When you learn a new technique or skill, it’s common in a martial arts class to drill the new movement over and over. This repetition trains the body and brain to learn the pattern and recall it later. With time and practice, a new movement feels like second nature.

2. Focus and Concentration

Another reason martial arts leads to better coordination is through improved focus and concentration. Martial arts training demands your full attention. If you get distracted, you won’t move efficiently, or your performance will decline. Bringing 100% of your focus to your movements while on the mat will improve your martial arts skills as well as your coordination.

3. Complex Movements

Martial arts also helps to improve coordination through complex movements. When you learn a complicated technique, you usually break it down into simpler components. This step-by-step process enables you to tackle complex movements and practice putting everything together into a cohesive and coordinated application.

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